Start 2018 with Laurel Hill Crochet Hook Winners

January’s hook winner was Bobbi Chatelain. She chose a Trai size L crochet hook. And, February’s hook winner is Julie DeJonghe. Julie picked a size F Ebony hook.

Ebony, Nam Oc and Trai crochet hooks

If you would like to enter to win a Laurel Hill Crochet Hook, sign up here. A new winner is randomly picked each month and you could be next!

We invite you to send us a review of the hook you received. Tell us about yourself, how you learned to knit or crochet, or your current project. Take a picture of yourself and your project, and send it to us

Laurel Hill Featured in Creative Knitting E-Newsletter


We’re thrilled that Barb, the editor at Creative Knitting featured Laurel Hill’s needles and hooks in the January 9th edition of the e-newsletter.

As needle workers, we appreciate fine tools as much as beautiful yarn and exciting patterns. Have you seen the exotically beautiful wooden knitting needles and crochet hooks imported from Vietnam by Laurel Hill? Smooth as silk and nary a snag in sight, working with these needles and hooks will improve your outlook and workmanship. I especially like the wide thumb grips, sharp points and generous yarn slot on the hooks.

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