Endless Possibilities: My First Knitting Project

Just two days away from my first knitting class, I’m excited about all the possibilities. They seem endless at this point! While I know I have to grow my skills to do things like this gorgeous sweater, it’s definitely on my wish list. Of course, by the time I’m able to knit this, it’ll be out of style. 

There are lots of scarf patterns out there that are very pretty and I’m making a list of everyone who wants a scarf for Christmas (and their color choice!). My pilates instructor has requested leg warmers, we’ll see.

This one is beautiful! Maybe I’ll give it a try. From fillambulle.

And I’m a sucker for purple. This one looks fairly easy and I’d love it! From Crystal Palace Yarns (free pattern).

Do you have a favorite beginner project? What was your first knitting project?