Embracing the holiday spirit

Over the years, our team at Laurel Hill has cultivated a culture of philanthropy, donating to many charities and participating in non-profit events. But one organization in particular has touched our hearts and motivated our spirits: Laurel Hill’s charity of choice Knots of Love. With the holidays approaching, we are inspired to do even more to help Knots of Love help others. We want to encourage our Laurel Hill community to knit or crochet with a giving heart. As Knots of Love founder Christine Fabiani says, “Cancer does not take a holiday.”


What is Knots of Love? Under Christine’s leadership, the organization donates caps to men and women, including veterans, undergoing chemotherapy, burn victims, brain surgery patients, head trauma patients, and individuals with Alopecia. They also donate tiny blankets to fragile new lives in incubators.


Taught to crochet by her grandmother when she was six, Christine began making scarves and afghans to give to friends and family. It was her son Geoffrey who encouraged Christine to make caps. A friend who was a cancer survivor told Christine that she wished she had had a cozy cap to don after a day’s wearing of her wig, and the inspiration for heartwarming, head-warming Chemo Caps was planted.

Christine felt so good making caps for cancer patients, she thought other yarn crafters might like to make them too. Knots of Love was born in 2007 “out of a desire to brighten the lives of people in need, in a loving and caring way.”

Since then Christine and her team have sent more than 300,000 caps to cancer centers, oncologist’s offices, and infusion centers across the nation. Christine and the organization have garnered many humanitarian awards as a result of their efforts.

How can you help this holiday season? We’re so glad you asked!

*Buy a Knots of Love kit (http://www.laurelhillonline.com/knots-of-love-kits/) and create a warm expression of comfort for someone who needs it;

*Donate funds directly to Knots of Love, 98 percent goes directly to the charity, with only two percent for administration fees;     https://knotsoflove.givingfuel.com/donations     

*Purchase a beautiful Knots of Love jewelry piece from Sears  http://www.knotsoflove.org/shop      and six percent is donated to Knots of Love.

Due to the sensitivities of those helped by Knots of Love, please use only yarns recommended on the Knots of Love website. We are honored that Laurel Hill is Knots of Love’s preferred supplier of crochet and knitting tools because of our comfortable, handmade products at reasonable prices.

Christine says, “Made from exotic woods, Laurel Hill crochet hooks are so wonderful -once you use one you won’t want to use anything else. The wood helps keep warmth in my hands hopefully warding off arthritis in years to come. Laurel Hill takes great pride in providing sustainable products to their customers.”

Watch for more news about Christine and the wonderful volunteers at Knots of Love. We are proud to be connected with this compassionate organization and look forward to getting more involved in 2016!

Happy Yarn Crafting!






Family Ties: A Passion for Crochet through the Generations

From the time she was eight years old, Karen loved yarn crafting – from shell stitching to embroidery to quilting. But her first love is crochet, a passion that grew from Karen’s warm memories of her mother patiently teaching her and inspiring her with her creativity. Sitting on the front porch as a young girl, stitching away, remains for Karen the beginning of a lifelong passion for the art of crochet.

There is great joy in teaching the next generation to crochet.(illustrative photo - not Karen and daughter)
There is great joy in teaching the next generation to crochet.(illustrative photo – not Karen and daughter)

Years later after Karen married and she and her husband had a daughter of their own, Karen carried on the tradition of teaching her little girl how to crochet too. With her own mother living with them, it quickly became a three-generation passion and Karen remembers that it was a rare time when her mother did not have a needle or a hook in her hand. She was thrilled that her own daughter took to the craft even before she was a teenager, increasing her skills during college and beyond.


Along the way, Karen discovered Laurel Hill’s ebony crochet hooks and selected them as her favorite. Last Christmas, when she was thinking about the perfect gift for her daughter she knew that a complete set of Laurel Hill ebony hooks was the answer. And, as it turns out, her daughter was delighted.


Crochet hooks handcrafted from beautiful ebony
Crochet hooks handcrafted from beautiful ebony

“I have always been so happy with Laurel Hill’s quality products and extraordinary customer service,” says Karen. “My daughter feels the same way and has told me time and again how smooth and wonderful the hooks are to work with.”

Karen’s passion bridges the generations, creating memories that last a lifetime. At Laurel Hill, we are thrilled to be part of a family legacy, one that ensures a bright future for crochet and yarn crafting.