First Projects Shared: Cotton Washcloth

Tinkertots, a member of the “Soggy Stitches” group (for Eugenians and those who want to be) on Ravelry responded to my first story request with this great example of a first project. And, it turns out, she’s my neighbor! Small world.

My first project was a cotton washcloth on bamboo needles. My mother and grandmother were visiting just after I’d moved here to Eugene and they brought their materials with them. I jumped right in. I’d say it was “hard” because it was my first ever project. I was an insanely tight knitter and the cotton simply would not slide easily over the bamboo. I look back now and laugh.

My next project after that was a jump into the deep end using Wool Ease and no pattern, only basic “how-to” instructions and a picture of some cables that I liked. I constructed my own purse with ribbing and cables down the front and a knitted strap… since I didn’t know what an I-Cord was (much less have DPNs at that point) I did it back and forth on straights and then seamed the whole thing shut. I still have it in my closet!

If you’d like to make your own cotton washcloth, you can get a free pattern here.