Laurel Hill Featured in Creative Knitting E-Newsletter


We’re thrilled that Barb, the editor at Creative Knitting featured Laurel Hill’s needles and hooks in the January 9th edition of the e-newsletter.

As needle workers, we appreciate fine tools as much as beautiful yarn and exciting patterns. Have you seen the exotically beautiful wooden knitting needles and crochet hooks imported from Vietnam by Laurel Hill? Smooth as silk and nary a snag in sight, working with these needles and hooks will improve your outlook and workmanship. I especially like the wide thumb grips, sharp points and generous yarn slot on the hooks.

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Interesting Art: Freeform Crochet, Unnatural History

Two interesting art stories to share with you today.

161Art League Houston is pleased to announce the opening of Museum of Unnatural History, a dioramic installation of new works by Elaine Bradford, on view from January 9 – February 20, 2009. Museum of Unnatural History consists of dioramic displays similar to those found in natural history museums, and which serve as “natural habitats” for the artist’s fantastical crotchet covered taxidermy creatures.

Visit Art League Houston for more information.

The second is from Luisa del Sante, aka Crochet Doll. She does freeform crochet art.


I’ve started crocheting and stitching way before learning to read and write, just looking at what my grandmother, my mother and my older sister were making, and I can’t remember how much time I spent with yarns, a crochet hook and a lot of time to overcome….