Hi there Laurel Hill Friends!

I’m KC Bond and I am Laurel Hill’s newest intern! To get things started, I thought I’d share a little bit about who I am with you all.

I just finished my junior year at University of Oregon,  Imagewhich means  I can officially call myself a senior in college! I’m majoring in Public Relations and Spanish. As far as what I want to do with my life…well, I’ll let you know when I figure that part out. I’m still in the midst of finding where my true passions lie and what I want to do moving forward. I’m hopeful this next year will help narrow my path. 

Although I only have one year left of school, I couldn’t be more excited to spend this time getting to know you all and begin sharing fun and exciting ideas and projects for beginners to advanced knitters and crocheters.

My goal is to provide each and everyone of you with creative and fun project ideas, inspiring stories and food for thought. 

I would love to hear all your ideas and thoughts as well, so comments are always welcome!

Or you can shoot me an email at bond@uoregon.edu 

I hope you all have a beautiful Tuesday and I’ll be talking with you soon!:)