Congratulations to the Winner of Our Crochet Hook Set, Mary A!


Shoutout to Mary for winning a crotchet hook set from our ongoing contest. Take a look at Mary’s story:

“My Mom taught my older brother to crochet and I would BEG her to teach me, but she kept saying that I was too young.  Finally, when I was seven, she taught me thread crochet. Through the years, crochet has played a major role in my life. It carried me through tough times, when I sold items that I made, both in thread and yarn.  It became my Physical Therapy when I broke my right hand and had to build strength and range of motion back into it.  It was what I specialized in when I worked with dollhouse miniatures and I crocheted with thread finer than sewing thread.  It was crochet I turned to when I wanted to design and sell patterns.  The photo is my Ozark Morning Shawl.”

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