Hands together for helping hearts

Music to her hands

A piano teacher for more than 30 years, Pam Craver knows how to make beautiful music with her hands. And from the time she was in 8th grade, her hands have also created thousands of knitted items to help others. In fact, Pam and her Sunday School knitting group have made 450 wash cloths per year for homeless shelters, prayer shawls for the sick, hats and scarves for low-income schools, baby blankets and hats for missionaries, and much, much more. It seems like their busy hands never stop.

Pam Craver and her Sunday School group

Sew a dress, or learn to knit?

So how did it all get started? Pam recounts that when she was in 8th grade, her Home Economics teacher asked if the class would prefer to spend the last two weeks of school sewing another dress, or learning to knit. Fortunately for Pam, they chose knitting and the rest is history. She knitted her way through college to reduce stress, and ultimately learned to crochet as well when she was an adult. Today, she finds knitting to be more comfortable for her hands.

Sharing the legacy

Not only is Pam an accomplished yarn crafter, she has been instrumental in passing on the legacy to others. She has taught eight others in her Sunday School group to knit, adding exponentially to the number of items they can donate to charity. What’s more, she taught her daughter to knit and crochet, crafts she continues to do even while caring for Pam’s 22-month-old grandson. Pam and her daughter even consult on designing their own patterns together.

Discovering treasure at Laurel Hill

An avid collector of knitting needles, Pam discovered Laurel Hill on an online knitting site. She has been a fan ever since – reading Laurel Hill’s newsletters to see all that’s knew and clicking on to LaurelHillOnline.com to browse and shop through thousands of unique, beautiful, easy-to-order yarn craft accessories. Pam laughs when she shares that one time Laurel Hill’s owner Rick Brown called her personally to make sure her order of eight sets of the same size needle was correct. Yes, she told him – they are Christmas presents!

Excited for the next chapter

When Pam is not knitting, she is still helping others. She works as a GED tester at a Fayetteville, NC community college – for two more years at least. Once her tenure there is over, she will move on to a new chapter – continuing to knit for charity, and spending more time with her family.

Thanks to Pam for sharing her story with Laurel Hill – we are lucky to know you!

Share Pam’s easy, convenient, wonderful online shopping experience as you explore Laurel Hill’s vast selection of unique and beautiful yarn crafting accessories at www.LaurelHillOnline.com.

All the best from your friends at Laurel Hill – Happy Yarn Crafting!



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