First Project: Garter Stitch Scarf Complete

Whew! done.

This scarf probably needs another 10 inches or so to really be a good length. But I was tired of the yarn, bored with lack of pattern and frankly ready to move on. I’m glad I found my scarf groove. I’m moving onto a couple of other projects. Both are scarves, but I’m playing with yarn and needle sizes. Which honestly, is my favorite part of knitting so far.

I used size 10 Laurel Hill forest palm needles and Vanna’s Choice Baby yarn in Sweet Pea.

First Projects Shared: Wild Wrist Warmers

Kelbel (Ravelry member) was kind enough to share her first project story. I love this one!

My first project was a pair of wrist warmers in this wild yarn I’ve never been able to find again. It was Skacel, and probably acrylic/wool mix. There’s these extra long, soft fuzzies hanging off of the main bulky strand, and it is in this grey-black-charcoal mottled hue. I wish I could find this yarn, as I’d love a scarf in it! I’m sure it is discontinued 😦

Basically, I knit a couple of rectangles, and (poorly) crocheted them together, leaving holes for the thumbs. They are all in garter stitch, there are a couple of dropped stitches that were poorly sewn up and they scream FIRST KNITTING PROJECT EVER! OMG! They are in my project file, if anyone is interested, in my projects page.

But, those things are so darn warm, I don’t care who fusses about their look. I wear them proudly at work as a sign of confidence and perseverance. I have a really stressful job, and sometimes warm fuzzies help me get through the day!

Later, I was at work, where it is deathly cold on graveyard. One guy was absolutely freezing, and his hands were nearly seizing up. Long story short, he ended up with wearing those gloves all night long! (Ironically, they matched his grey shirt!) He agreed they were very warm and worked super well.

Apparently, I am now the boy scout of handknits. In my bag also were: two shawls, another pair of fingerless gloves and a wool hat. This winter, at no point did I have less than two hats and four pairs of mittens added into the mix. I am prepared.

First Projects Shared: Cotton Washcloth

Tinkertots, a member of the “Soggy Stitches” group (for Eugenians and those who want to be) on Ravelry responded to my first story request with this great example of a first project. And, it turns out, she’s my neighbor! Small world.

My first project was a cotton washcloth on bamboo needles. My mother and grandmother were visiting just after I’d moved here to Eugene and they brought their materials with them. I jumped right in. I’d say it was “hard” because it was my first ever project. I was an insanely tight knitter and the cotton simply would not slide easily over the bamboo. I look back now and laugh.

My next project after that was a jump into the deep end using Wool Ease and no pattern, only basic “how-to” instructions and a picture of some cables that I liked. I constructed my own purse with ribbing and cables down the front and a knitted strap… since I didn’t know what an I-Cord was (much less have DPNs at that point) I did it back and forth on straights and then seamed the whole thing shut. I still have it in my closet!

If you’d like to make your own cotton washcloth, you can get a free pattern here.

First Projects Shared: Alpaca Drops Neck Warmer

Over at Ravelry, I asked local Eugene knitters to share their first knitting project with me. I got a few good stories and thought I’d share them here.

From Maureen:

Besides the practice swatches that I used to learn how to knit, purl, yarn over, and test different ribbing, my first finished knitting object was a drops neck warmer. I knit that neck warmer before I heard that cables were too hard for a beginner, so I wasn’t intimidated to try it.

You can get the pattern here.

(p.s. I’m KelliM at Ravelry. Come by and say hi!)