Unleash Your Creative Self: Knit and Crochet Your Own Halloween Costumes!

To the defiance of summer, the autumn cloaks of gold and red have begun to adorn the mourning trees. The wind gently spreads its falling leaves until all is covered by its colorful offerings. Nature is trying to tell us one thing: Halloween is approaching!halloween

This year, I thought to myself: Why not create my own Halloween costume? The idea seemed brilliant; I was looking to begin a new knitting project, anyways.

What could I make? I began searching the internet until I stumbled across the perfect pattern for a ninja mask. My costume was confirmed at that very moment; I will be a ninja for Halloween.7a14b53fd606772b5e3bb6c1ab8b42e8_blog-2

Visit threadbanger.com to find additional knit and crochet Halloween costume patterns.