This Weeks Winner!

Congratulations to Jill Smail! 

“My great-aunt tried to teach me to crochet when I was a child. I could never get past the “chain” and finally just gave up. About a year ago, my mom was working on a lap blanket and I asked her to teach me. She showed me a basic single crochet stitch. I was so excited to start my own blanket! Rather quickly I got bored with it and expanded to try a hat. Fast forward to now and I’ve started my own shop with hand made goodies and photography props. Crocheting lets me relax and unwind after a long day! I’ve truly never loved anything more than a hook and my next project in hand (never leave home without it)!”



This Weeks Crochet Hook Winner!

Congratulations to Erika Hill! 
” I learned to knit and crochet when I was in the fifth grade. I was fascinated with the idea that anyone could make ‘fabric’ with just needles/hook and thread. I watched many young ladies making doilies and was totally captivated! My favorite project is always my ‘next’ masterpiece. I love making vintage looking things for my daughters, and each ‘next’ one is my favorite.”
Love Poem Cardigan by Erika (front)
Good luck with your next masterpiece Erika and congratulations on winning this weeks drawing!

Kind Words Worth Sharing!

Good afternoon to you all!

We recently received this extremely thoughtful and generous review from Mary about the Nova Cubics Platina Needles and I thought it was something worth sharing with you all!

Dear Rick,
There are no words for these SUPERB, WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, COMFORTABLE Nova Cubics Platina needles!!!  Other than your triangular and square Palm wood needles, these are simply the best – even over the Addi Lace Turbos!  Unfortunately, I have two complete Nova Cubics sets (nickel plated, 10″ and 14″), which I only just got about a month ago and will probably never use again – now that these Platina Cubics have come on the scene (I won’t have black hands from the nickel anymore).  I now have a pair each of the 14″, 10″, and 32″ Circulars in #9 (5.5m) and I have just ordered two more 32″ #9’s, as I’m usually involved in several projects at a time.
The only thing that I would add to these Platinas would be a swivel cord, like some of my Kollages have.  But these needles are WINNERS!!!


Thank you so much Mary for your kind words and we at Laurel Hill are so thrilled to hear that our products are working for you!

Have a wonderful rest of your sunday! 

This Weeks Winner is…Cheryl Vickers!

Congratulations Cheryl!

Hear Cheryl’s Story!

“I started knitting a few years ago so I would have something to do while riding cross country in our semi with my husband. I sew, smock, silk embroidery, tat and just love doing anything with my hands. I just recently taught myself how to crochet, and want to learn how to make beautiful throws or blankets like my grandmother and great aunts have in the past!!  I love all things old! I have 10 grandchildren and would love to make each one a blanket, so they will always have something made from me!!  I also have 2 boys in the military, one in the Air Force, one in the Army, and would love to make and donate lap blankets for men and women active/retired, to show that we care for what they have sacrificed for our country!!” 


We are so excited to be able to send off another crochet hook! 

Congratulations Cheryl and we at Laurel Hill are so happy to be able to share our products with you! 


This Weeks Winner!

Congratulations to Phyllis DeFabritis! 

She is this weeks crochet hook winner!

“I LOVE Laurel Hill hooks…and customer service is the best. I learned to crochet when I was a little girl-forgot about it for a while-then picked it up a few years back as a stress reliever…the wood hooks are so much nicer on my hands. This REALLY made my day. Thank You.” 

We at Laurel Hill thank YOU! We can’t wait to choose next weeks winner! 

Hope you all are getting excited as well and have a wonderful week!