Our First Designer Profile: Corinne Freeman

We are pleased to introduce Corinne Freeman to the Laurel Hill community.  Corinne will be providing free, new projects and patterns to Laurel Hill for your crocheting pleasure. Thank you, Corinne!

Corinne writes:

“I truly do love to create things. I have been crocheting and knitting for many years. I was very fortunate to have my family members teach me the basics.  From there, I have worked on improving my skills through the many venues for learning fiber crafting. 

Back in 2010, I did a couple of craft fairs.  I had made so many projects that I needed to reduce some of my things. I was extremely excited about how well I did, and I decided shortly after to open up my own ETSY store.  I thought it would be fun, and there is nothing better than having someone love what I have made. I am so very fortunate to be a young grandmother raising my granddaughter. That old saying that “they keep you young,” is very true.

Box Stitch Crochet, by Corinne Freeman

Now, I am proud to be able to fuel my creative side in my first published book, which is truly a dream come true. My book is called Box Stitch Crochet, which is a stitch I was able to learn from a family member. Most of the time this stitch is used for Afghans or Baby Blankets, as the stitch works up quickly.  It’s great for new baby gifts. I like the fact that my book takes this stitch in a different direction, by focusing on making wearable items such as camisoles or shawls, along with other accessories. 

Thank you for reading this and have a wonderful day!  May your day bring you strength, peace, and joy with the positive things we all have in our world. 


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