Fighting Bullying with Knitting

We’ve seen an increase of reports of bullying in the news a lot lately. In response to these sad tales of widespread bullying and suicides, American media has spoken out against bullying – a sentiment we can all agree on!

A knitting group in New Jersey called Rebel Yarn has started a campaign to spread awareness of bullying by knitting and “yarnstorming.” Read more about their movement here!


Simple Bow Headband

We found this pattern for a very sweet bow headband on the darling blog Cornflower Blue. It’s such a simple project that would make a wonderful gift or add a fun touch to an outfit–and why stop at one? A deep purple, mustard yellow or brown headband is perfect for fall; while red, black or metallic could add some dramatic sparkle to your holiday season! Grab your hook and hop over to Cornflower Blue for the full, free pattern! Also, check out Rachel’s awesome Etsy shop!