All the cool kids are doing it…

Knitting and crocheting are typically synonymous with grandma, boredom, rainy days and rocking chairs. Not so much anymore. These days more and more younger crowds are picking up needles and hooks to create DIY (do it yourself) masterpieces. Why the sudden interest in knitting and crocheting?

Let me tell you why: It’s because knitwear is so hot right now. Open any fashion magazine and you will undoubtedly see models donning the latest knitted or crocheted fashions. Some of the trendiest yarn fashions are crocheted bikinis, cable knit sweaters, scarves and hats (which cost far too much, I might add). Finally, people started realizing that this stuff can easily be made for less than $10. Now young fasionista’s are pumping out their own well crafted clothes and accessories.

With the economy as it is, we don’t have the money to pay $3,000 for crocheted dress. DIY is not only cheaper, but it also gives you gratification. Nothing feels better than when someone asks where you bought that adorable scarf, and you respond with “I made it.” Young knitters and crocheters are doing their thing and making this old hobby cool again.


Web sites such as Esty and Ravelry allow people to show off and sell their handcrafted goods. Now show these young knitters  some love and check out their awesome blogs:




picture-2                            (I LOVE this blog. She has adorable stuff.)







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Guest Post: Get Hooked on the Knitting Social Network

hand-knit-cord-lapThis post is from Kate Cummings, founder of the Knitting Network.

There’s no denying social networking has become a part of many people’s day to day life.

Whether you are tweeting on Twitter, writing on your friend’s Facebook wall, or tagging pictures from your latest night out, social networking is there to brighten up the boredom of the 9-5 stuck at your desk.

Yet the distraction of so many different pictures and applications can push other hobbies out of the picture. Wouldn’t it be ideal if you had your own online community solely dedicated to knitting?

This month we launched the Knitting Network; a dedicated social network purely for knitters. The website is a coveted community filled with tips, images, videos and knitting chat. The site offers you the opportunity to give your personal touch to the world of knitting where the content is entirely dictated by members; from uploading pictures of your latest piece to sharing patterns, chatting about projects, arranging meet ups, and creating your own knitting groups.


The next few weeks are exciting for Knitting Network. The members are flocking in, and March will see the first issue of the Knitting Network newsletter, complete with competitions from the vast number of yarn shops and stores already interested in the website, as well as featured patterns and members. There will also be a reviewing feature where members can help each other by rating and commenting on their latest purchases of yarn, needles, knitting books and magazines.

For more information visit or email

image via Etsy

Interesting Art: The Arts Begging

A new exhibit opens this week at the Portland (Ore.) Art Museum called La volupte du goût: French Painting in the Age of Madame de Pompadour that includes this work:

The Arts Begging Fate to Spare the Life of Madame de Pompadour
The Arts Begging Fate to Spare the Life of Madame de Pompadour

Information from the museum says that, in the painting, “the bearded figure of Destiny leans across the globe to stay the hand of one of the Three Fates who is about to cut the thread of life spun by her sisters.” Below them, the “beseeching crowd” is Apollo, Music, Architecture, Painting and Sculpture.

If you’re in the northwest, or plan to visit Portland before mid-May, you can see the work on exhibit.

Knit (or Knot) Some Love

Heart Yarn What better day to announce our partnership with Knots-of-Love than Valentine’s Day! Through this partnership, we’re offering exclusive Knots-of-Love starter kits for knitters or knotters to create a chemotherapy cap for a cancer patient.

The Knots-of-Love starter kits include everything you need to make a chemotherapy cap including two forest palm knitting needles, two exotic wood crochet hooks, a skein of Caron Simple Soft Yarn, a pattern and instructions on where to send the cap when you’re done..

“We’re thrilled to be part of this project,” says Rick Brown, co-owner of Laurel Hill. “For each kit purchased, Laurel Hill will give $3 to Knots-of-Love.”

“We are very grateful for Laurel Hill’s involvement in Knots-of-Love,” Founder Christine Shively adds. “We know with their help we will reach more cancer patients with handmade-with-love chemotherapy caps.”