Why Forest Palm?

Palmwood is considered an exotic hardwood. And while it may not be as common as bamboo or metal for knitting needles, all Laurel Hill needles are made of of this flexible, sturdy – and sustainable – wood.

A hardwood timber from coconut and date palms, palmwood is taken from plantation- grown palms ready to be cut down at the end of their 80-year production span. Palmwood is an alternative to rainforest timber and is a hard, dark wood with a unique texture. Tones range from golden to near ebony with dark brown flecks. Since coconut trees have no annual growth rings or branches, palmwood is free from knots and other imperfections.

Palmwood has a very long grain, making it very flexible, which a lot of knitters like (especially in the smaller gauges). We have found it doesn’t splinter like some other materials.

The feel and sound of wood knitting needles is warm and yes, some would say soothing. Knitting, after all is an experience of the senses.

If you have any questions about our Forest Palm needles, please leave a comment or send us an email.