This Knitting Thing is Harder Than it Looks

Beth at The Knit Shop was a terrific teacher. When I sat and concentrated on what I was doing and had her there to fix my oopses, things went great!

The first day, I worked on a basketweave scarf sort of like this one. Knit 5, purl 5, knit 5, purl 5, etc. etc. It was looking pretty good. I left feeling pretty confident that this was something I could do and be good at. Then I tried it at home.

The first stitch I tried to do, I immediately screwed up all of the rows I had worked so diligently on with Beth. So I tore it out and started over. And then again. And again. And again. I was determined to finish on a good note and knitted several rows that I felt ok about and called it a night.

The next morning, my 2 year old brought be one of my knitting needles. “Here, mommy!”

“Oh god. Where’s the other one?”

He had taken it out of the scarf-in-progress and stuck it through the fabric. Well, I guess he thought he was knitting.

By then I was sick to death of starting over and over with the same darn yarn. So I went back to The Knit Shop and said that I needed to do something “fun.” Beth laughed and told me to look around, pick some yarns out let me know if they’d work for such a beginner as me. I ended up with Chinchilla yarn in Violet. Other than the fact that I keep adding stitches to the point that I have almost double what I started with after just 15 or so rows… it seems to be going ok. Pretty sure I’ll start over again. I’m such a perfectionist.

Purple Chinchilla Yarn on Size 10 Needles
Purple Chinchilla Yarn on Size 10 Needles

I also got some bigger needles. The Laurel Hill size 15 are substantial needles, there’s no getting around it. I went back to the first yarn for a bit and came up with this sloppy mess.

Finally, I started working on a different yarn – Lion Brand Homespun in Baroque with the big needles. I probably should’ve gone back to The Knit Shop to find “big needle” yarn, but it’s about a 30 minute drive and with gas prices these days… thought I’d pick something up at a department store to try it out.

This is the first go and I think I’m going to take it out and start over, but we’ll see.

I like experimenting with different yarns to see what the effect is. Eventually, I’m sure, I’ll start knitting like a grown up and will actually finish something that’s relatively free of slipped stitches and added stitches – my two biggest weaknesses as I see them right now.

My best friend also learned to knit about the same time I did. She’s finished her first scarf… show off. But at least she’s having the same problems that I am. That makes me feel better.

Any advice?