Dye Your Own Yarn With Kool-Aid

koolaid1I felt a strong sense of nostalgia as I scoured my neighborhood grocery store looking for the sugary, powdered substance that my parents only let me have in moderation when growing up.

I found the Kool-Aid aisle almost instantaneously.  After quickly glancing at my choices of changin’ cherry, pink lemonade, and black cherry, I found what I was looking for: blue moon berry.  It was the perfect blend of turquoise and aqua, which I would use to dye my yarn.

Kool-Aid is readily available and non-toxic, which makes it the perfect substance to dye your own yarn.  Kool-Aid dyeing works on animal fibers such as wool, mohair, and alpaca but does not work on cotton or synthetics.  You must use pure wool yarn for the best results!

For steps on how to dye your own yarn with Kool-Aid visit Wool Festival.com.

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There is no better summer activity than sitting on a back porch with a set of needles and yarn. Summer is a time to relax and let your creativity flow. In the spirit of summer, I have been knitting a cotton bagyarn-globe to take to the beach.

Cotton is cooler than wool on hot summer days.

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Kool-Aid is great for a cold summer drink, and to dye your yarn.

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Decorate your house organically.

Tired of hearing “I’m bored!” from your kids?  Then teach them to knit too!