Ruth Tillman & the Art of Crochet

Passionate…creative…ambitious – those are the first three words that came to mind yesterday after a brief conversation with crochet artist and teacher Ruth Tillman. Honestly, I could have listened to her talk about her adventures in yarn craft all day long, but we both had to get back to work.  We were more than 3,000 miles apart, but I could feel her passion strongly emanating from cyberspace and it made me want to pick up a crochet hook (from Laurel Hill of course) and learn how to do it immediately. Lucky for me, Ruth’s new teaching videos are nearly complete and I will be among the first to watch them.

Who is Ruth Tillman?  In case you haven’t heard of her, let me fill you in.  A self-taught crocheter, Ruth started her craft nearly seven years ago when she decided to make a hat for her daughter.

il_170x135.799091684_ia38il_170x135.798875711_5mye The project was an amazing success – so much so that she started bringing her hats to the children’s clothing shop where she worked at the time – and they were flying off the shelves. Each hat reflects Ruth’s sense of whimsy, extraordinary creativity and excellent craftsmanship.  She soon realized that she had found her calling.

With so much time spent crocheting, Ruth soon noticed that her hands were strained.  Then, about five years ago when she was browsing in a yarn shop, she spotted a Laurel Hill Nam OC hook – after that moment, Ruth has never looked back. “I have tried every kind of hook and now will only use the ones from Laurel Hill,” she explains. “They are so smooth and have little grips that help me hold  them without holding too tight – my hands can totally relax.  Now I have the whole set.”


What started out as a gift for her daughter has grown into Ruth’s passion in life – as she puts it, “to bring the art of crochet to everyone.”  How will she accomplish this ambitious goal?  Ruth’s business, Ruth Tillman Designs, is dedicated to educating the world about crochet and yarn craft – through patterns, mentoring young people, developing after school programs and more, Ruth is spreading the word.  And she’s not stopping there.  Ruth has reached out to the world-famous MakerFaire to include yarn art in the mix, plus she has big plans for a spontaneous “yarn bombing” event taking place in the near future.  What’s more, she is making overtures to the corporate world to educate executives on how technology can meet yarn crafting for incredible results in the workplace.

If you haven’t heard of Ruth Tillman yet, you most likely will soon – she is on the forefront of a whole new world of crochet, and Laurel Hill is honored to be included! Watch for more on Ruth – we will be posting her videos and her special custom-designed patterns on our website soon!


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