Today’s Highlight: Fiber arts tools from Laurel Hill that offer comfort for your hands

Like music to your hands:

Laurel Hill features Symfonie Rose Cubic knitting needles

Lovely Symfonie Rose Cubics single-pointed needles
Lovely Symfonie Rose Cubics single-pointed needles
Symfonie Rose Circular Needles
Symfonie Rose Circular Needles

Those with arthritis or joint or muscle pain in their hands will welcome these beautiful knitting needles from Laurel Hill. With the strength of birch wood and the beauty of rosewood, Symfonie Rose Cubic needles are highlighted by sharp points and an easy-to-hold shape. As a result of their unique design, Symfonie Rose needles are included in Laurel Hill’s selection of arthritis-friendly fiber arts tools.

Made by hand, the Symfonie wood needles reflect the same quality as Laurel Hill’s vast selection of knitting needles and crochet hooks. Because these needles are resistant to water absorption, they cannot warp and remain straight and strong for years of use.

The Symfonie Rose Cubics are offered in rosewood textured densified laminated wood in needle sizes from 2.0mm (US 0) to 8.0mm (US 11). For further details and to view the video visit:

Have you tried these or any of Laurel Hill’s other fiber arts tools?  Please let us know what you think!  More soon!


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