This Weeks Winner is…Cheryl Vickers!

Congratulations Cheryl!

Hear Cheryl’s Story!

“I started knitting a few years ago so I would have something to do while riding cross country in our semi with my husband. I sew, smock, silk embroidery, tat and just love doing anything with my hands. I just recently taught myself how to crochet, and want to learn how to make beautiful throws or blankets like my grandmother and great aunts have in the past!!  I love all things old! I have 10 grandchildren and would love to make each one a blanket, so they will always have something made from me!!  I also have 2 boys in the military, one in the Air Force, one in the Army, and would love to make and donate lap blankets for men and women active/retired, to show that we care for what they have sacrificed for our country!!” 


We are so excited to be able to send off another crochet hook! 

Congratulations Cheryl and we at Laurel Hill are so happy to be able to share our products with you! 


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