LH Crochet Hook Winners!

We have been so thrilled to see the amount of people entering the LH crochet hook contest! We are so happy to have so many people involved and are so excited to continue picking new winners each week!

Our most recent winner is BJ Chatelain! Congratulations BJ! 

BJ recently began watching YouTube videos and can now cast and create the knit stitch! BJ explained, ” I’ve also discovered Tunisian crochet! What fun! With a children’s how-to booklet,I learned how to crochet in January 2011. I like to crochet washcloths, scarves, and blankets.”

Want to learn the knit stitch? Just click the photo and learn the step by step process!

We are so happy to hear you’re enjoying crocheting and we will be sending you your K size crochet hook ASAP!

Our previous winners are:

Emily Miller & Stephanie Sanders

Congratulations to all of our winners and we look forward to picking the next one! Good luck and happy crocheting!

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