Yarn Bombing

This week, TIME Magazine released an article titled “A Ripping Good Yarn” about a new rebellious turn in the knitting world. Yarn bombing began as a craft similar to graffiti, tagging things in the middle of the night and later posting photos online. These “yarn bombers” have been stitching cozies for bike racks, stop signs and sculptures, covers for sidewalk cracks, subway seats and even buses.

In 2005, Magda Sayeg, a Houston dress-shop owner, knit a cover for her store’s door handle on a slow day. Now, six years later, she fields invitations to yarn-bomb cities and corporate headquarters. Some Canadian knitters have also declared June 11 the first International Yarn Bombing Day, encouraging all to go forth and vandalize — perhaps with a nice angora three-ply.
This new practice has really seemed to have taken off in the past few years and unlike graffiti, the authorities have mostly welcomed it.


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