Knitting in Ireland

Women in Northern Ireland are describing knitting as the new yoga. The trend, which started as a celebrity fashion phenomenon, is now being compared to meditation. Kathleen Collins from south Belfast says she has knit well over 100 scarves since she returned to her childhood hobby last year.

“I think it really relaxes you. I am sort of a nervous person and it relaxes me,” said Collins. “It is amazing because you are pleased with yourself and if you give what you knit to someone they are delighted with it.”

Margaret McComish, owner of a wool shop in north Belfast, believes knitting has helped her health through relaxation.

“I have actually suffered from depression and it is the only thing that picks me up off the ground,” said McComish. “It is actually fantastic just to knit.”

Paul Handforth who runs stress management clinics across Northern Ireland says it is the ideal way to wind down. “By repeating the same action over and over again, it becomes almost like a trance like state, which creates general relaxation and helps to reduce stress,” said Handforth.



The cowl is a round scarf that is very popular to make in Ireland!


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