Donate to Japan.

Help out those in need! On March 11, Japan suffered from a powerful earthquake that triggered a massive tsunami to hit the northeast coast. Thousands of people have evacuated and are now left with nothing but the clothes on their back.

This is the time to bring together a group of friends and family and use your skills to knit and crochet donations. The families in Japan need warmth and comfort to get through this difficult time.

Not sure what to donate? Well, anything helps! Scarf’s, blankets, socks…anything! In the town of Pekin, Illinois, members of the charity “Comfy Club” meet regularly (second Sunday of every month to be more specific) and provide warmth to those in need. They have knitted and crocheted caps and blankets. They say “it’s a fun time for socializing while keeping their hands busy.”


One thought on “Donate to Japan.

  1. So we are all knitting away but where should we send our donations? Any groups accepting knitted acticles? i know the quilters are donating through Mission of Love but what about the knitters?

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