birthday present?.. Handmade Knitted Ideas!

Turning the page of your calendar or planner after every month, the first thing to notice are the birthdays coming up, and sooner than you know. The question always pops up, “What will I get them for their birthday?” Well, what better way to create something that can personally connect with the birthday person rather than just buying them a gift card. On Shelley Caskey’s blog, she explains how she received a hand knitted scarf from a dear friend for her birthday. There are many handcrafted ideas that would turn a simple birthday present into something more meaningful and personal. This lets you open up and express your creative side while having fun at the same time!

Shelley knitted this drawstring bag for her friend Maya’s upcoming birthday.

Shelley's handmade knitted drawstring bag.

It’s time to grab your knitting needles or crochet hooks and start designing some wonderful gifts for those friends of yours of their special day of birth.

Ps. You can also follow Shelley on Twitter and Flickr and check out some of her knitting ideas!


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