Land’s End: Feel Good

Have you heard of the Land’s End Feel Good campaign? Land’s End has partnered with Warm Up America! to donate yarn to the Crochet Guild of America, the Knitting Guild Association & The Helping Hands Foundation, Inc. each time a Land’s End sweater is purchased.

Check out their “Share the Warmth” page, which also offers crochet and knitting tutorials, savings opportunities and ways to get involved with Warm Up America!


One thought on “Land’s End: Feel Good

  1. Barbara Bunner

    I first wrote to you through your website about the leper bandages which I thought were organized through you. I have several leper bandages which were done with the Peaches ‘n Cream cotton yarn. Are you still taking them? Or, do you know where to send them? I would appreciate any direction you can give me.

    P.S. I really like the information you have on this mailer about the warm up America program.

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