New Year’s Resolutions For Fiber Artists

We all make New Year’s resolutions related to our health, breaking bad habits, exercising more, and other such matters. As fiber artists, we make resolutions, too.

Whether you want to learn something new, finally use up some old yarn or finish and old project, there are many great resolutions for fiber artists.

1. Use up your yarn stash

As fiber artists, we love to buy yarn; it’s sort of a guilty pleasure. This year, make a goal for yourself to use up your old yarn before you purchase new yarn. Go through your yarn stash and evaluate each thing you have purchased. Obviously, you only want to use yarn that is still in good condition.

2. Complete a project before you begin a new one

Every fiber artist has a pile of unfinished projects. It is human nature to lose interest in something as new opportunities are presented.

This year, go through each unfinished project and figure out why you abandoned it in the first place. Was it the yarn you didn’t like? The pattern? We feel a sense of accomplishment when we complete old projects.

3. Teach yourself new patterns

Every fiber artist, no matter what level, has something he or she has not tried before. We tend to get in a rut with what we create if we do not challenge ourselves.

Take the initiative to learn new patterns that challenge you. Purchase a book full of interesting patterns or take a new knitting or crochet class.

4. Create more time for yourself to knit or crochet

Most knitters and crocheters would like to knit or crochet more but just simply lack the time. Take an hour out of your day to sit down and work on your current project. If this is difficult for you to do, join a knitting or crochet group! Besides, knitting and crochet offer many health benefits.

5. Knit and crochet something for yourself

Remember every once in a while, between projects for family, friends or charities, to make something for yourself; it’s ok to flaunt your talent every once in a while!

One thought on “New Year’s Resolutions For Fiber Artists

  1. Patricia Dixon

    Laurel, You must be young or run out of space..It would take me until I’m over a hundred to run out of yarn..that isn’t that far away….
    I go every few years with out buying yarn..then you loose out on the fun of new the last few years, I still keep learning and teaching..Fibers Artist, live and breath in the World of Fiber..always searching.
    You ideas are great, but maybe you haven’t got the word of today’s knitter…they are really motivated..REALLY…

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