Local Yarn Shops Bring the Fiber Community Together

SubSampleKitLocal yarn shops are owned and staffed by people who live and breathe yarn.  These are the people who understand the needs, wants, and desires of crocheters, knitters, and fiber artists of all kind.

Laurel Hill respects and appreciates the vital role independent, retail yarn stores play in their local communities.  Sharing one’s expertise with others, and teaching the ancient craft of knit and crochet is the foundation that provides stability and growth in the hand-knitting industry.    

To meet each retail shop’s individual, unique requirements, we have designed a starter kit that allows retail stores to select items and quantities that match their customer’s needs.

Our starter kit includes the following:

– 2 each of Laurel Hill Straight Knitting Needles sizes 4-5-6-7-8-9-10-10.5-11-13-15

– 1 triangular pair of needles size 8

– 1 each Laurel Hill crochet hooks sizes D-E-F-G-7-H-I-J-K-L-M

– 1 Nam Oc crochet hook size F

– 1 Trai crochet hook size K

– 1 Double Point Sock Needle package of six needles 2mm


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