Portland’s First Sock Summit is a Hit

Last Friday 935 avid knitters, who gathered at the Oregon Convention Center, had the satisfaction of setting a world knitting record.  The enthused crowd knitted and purled nonstop for 15 minutes.  It was a moment that will go down in knitting history.

Why socks? Devoted knitters believe socks are great for trying new patterns and techniques, easy to transport around, offer a variety of patterns, and are necessary;therefore, always serving as the perfect gift.

Those who visited the Sock Summit marketplace toured an overwhelming amount of booths, and had the chance to knit on the world’s largest sock.  The Sock Museum was also a highlight, which showcased socks from each decade.

Laurel Hill would like to personally thank the knitters and crocheters at Sock Summit who test drove our new products2715204002_61fd2f71d5.  This was very beneficial and inspiring as it gave us a better understanding of how to meet your knitting and crochet needs.

We would also like to thank you in advance for introducing us to your local yarn shop





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