Crochet and Environmental Enthusiasts Crochet Coral Reef to Warn About the Effects of Global Warming

reef2Coral reefs around the world are dying off at a rate faster than rain forests.  Scientists now believe the reef will be devastated in the coming years. 

One of the greatest wonders of the natural world, the Great Barrier Reef stretches along the coast of Queensland, Australia.  However, global warming and pollutants threaten the reef.  

For this reason, the Crochet Reef project commenced to draw attention to how rising temperatures and pollution are slowly destroying the reef. 

The Crochet Reef is made up of many different “sub-reefs,” each with its own colors and styling.  These include the following: the Bleached Reef, the Beaded Reef, the Branched Anemone Garden, and The Ladies’ Silurian Atoll, which contains close to 1000 individual crochet pieces made by dozens of contributors around the world.

In addition to the woolen reefs, there is a Toxic Reef crocheted from yarn and plastic trash.  The Toxic Reef is a part of the project that responds to the escalating issue of plastic trash that is problematic to our oceans and killing marine life.

For more information about the project view the Ted Talks Margaret Wertheim on the beautiful math of coral.


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