Guest Post: Knitting is Not Only a Winter Pastime

This will be my first official summer as a knitter.  As the weather has gotten warmer and I’ve continued to chat with friends about upcoming projects I’ve started hearing rumblings of all sorts about how you just can’t knit in the summer.  The first few times I heard these grumbles I brushed them off with very little thought thinking “that won’t be me”.

However as the mercury has slowly continued to climb I’m beginning to remember the sweltering heat of July and August and with the daylight hours growing longer my desire to sit on the couch with yarn and needles in hand while I watch movies is beginning to be replaced with thoughts of lounging in the hammock with a good book.  Those words from more seasoned knitters are repeating themselves a little louder in the back of my mind.  But the nagging need to create something has me on a quest for projects that can keep my attention span through the summer and not melt in my hands.

My Internet knitting friends have come to the rescue with many varied project and book ideas!  I’ve been warned about large woolen blanket knitting but encouraged to take up socks because they’re a year-round project.  I’ve been told that adult size wool sweaters are out but tiny baby cardigans are doable.  I’ve been told that garments can be knit in cotton and that this is a perfect time to try out lace knitting.

I’ve also been encouraged to knit things in cotton and other alternatives fibers such as bamboo as they won’t stick to skin like wool has a tendency to do.  Friends have also mentioned that summer is a perfect time to knit a new summer wardrobe, start baby gifts (since they’re small) or make myself a nice cotton blanket.  Of course I can’t forget my standby gift of cotton washcloths.

Now my only problem is narrowing down the prospects! Of course if all else fails I’ll just pull the shades, put on a movie and crank up the A/C with needles and wool in hand.  The research for new and exciting projects has added so many to my list that ifI don’t keep going I’ll never finish in time to start the winter knitting!

Rebecca Blaho is consumed by all things fiber related and has been since a young age.  With a degree in fashion design (but a day job doing other things) her spare time is consumed by knitting, sewing and reading/studying those things.  Her goal this year is to get the stash under control.  She can also be found at  Her Ravelry ID is beckb.

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