Laurel Hill has partnered with Knots-of-Love, a non-profit organization that provides knitted caps for chemotherapy patients, by creating starter kits.  A crochet kit and knitting kit are available.  The knitting kit includes two forest palm knitting needles and the crochet kit includes two exotic wood crochet hooks; both include a skein of Caron Simple Soft Yarn, a pattern and instructions on where to send the cap when it’s finished.

“We’re thrilled to be part of this project,” says Rick Brown, co-owner of Laurel Hill.  “For each kit purchased, Laurel Hill will give $3 to Knots-of-Love.”

“We are very grateful for Laurel Hill’s involvement in Knots-of-Love,” Founder Christine Shively adds.  “We know with their help we will reach more cancer patients with handmade-with-love chemotherapy caps.”

Barbara Pretzsch won a free kit and has already sent six knit caps to the Knots-of-Love foundation.  To date, 18,281 caps have been donated.

For more information, and to find out how you can donate, pleae visit and



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