Guest Post: Get Hooked on the Knitting Social Network

hand-knit-cord-lapThis post is from Kate Cummings, founder of the Knitting Network.

There’s no denying social networking has become a part of many people’s day to day life.

Whether you are tweeting on Twitter, writing on your friend’s Facebook wall, or tagging pictures from your latest night out, social networking is there to brighten up the boredom of the 9-5 stuck at your desk.

Yet the distraction of so many different pictures and applications can push other hobbies out of the picture. Wouldn’t it be ideal if you had your own online community solely dedicated to knitting?

This month we launched the Knitting Network; a dedicated social network purely for knitters. The website is a coveted community filled with tips, images, videos and knitting chat. The site offers you the opportunity to give your personal touch to the world of knitting where the content is entirely dictated by members; from uploading pictures of your latest piece to sharing patterns, chatting about projects, arranging meet ups, and creating your own knitting groups.


The next few weeks are exciting for Knitting Network. The members are flocking in, and March will see the first issue of the Knitting Network newsletter, complete with competitions from the vast number of yarn shops and stores already interested in the website, as well as featured patterns and members. There will also be a reviewing feature where members can help each other by rating and commenting on their latest purchases of yarn, needles, knitting books and magazines.

For more information visit or email

image via Etsy


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