Interesting Art: Freeform Crochet, Unnatural History

Two interesting art stories to share with you today.

161Art League Houston is pleased to announce the opening of Museum of Unnatural History, a dioramic installation of new works by Elaine Bradford, on view from January 9 – February 20, 2009. Museum of Unnatural History consists of dioramic displays similar to those found in natural history museums, and which serve as “natural habitats” for the artist’s fantastical crotchet covered taxidermy creatures.

Visit Art League Houston for more information.

The second is from Luisa del Sante, aka Crochet Doll. She does freeform crochet art.


I’ve started crocheting and stitching way before learning to read and write, just looking at what my grandmother, my mother and my older sister were making, and I can’t remember how much time I spent with yarns, a crochet hook and a lot of time to overcome….


One thought on “Interesting Art: Freeform Crochet, Unnatural History

  1. Mary Creger

    Wow! gimme my crochet hooks and favorite yarns and let me go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why make things like scarves and hats when I could be making art????

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