Knitting Will Save My Sanity

2311410886_909fded0b6_o Sitting through a mildy annoying Thanksgiving was so much easier because I had a knitting project to work on.  If you’re planning to spend some time with family, here are my tips for bringing your knitting along as a sanity saver.

  • Work on a project that doesn’t take a lot of concentration. Let’s face it, you might still have to carry on a conversation or have a hand free now and then to take another gulp sip of wine. Of course, none of my projects require concentration for experienced knitters, so you’ll have to gauge your own skills to figure out what kind of project is best.
  • Make sure the yard you’re working with on said project is scrumptious. So far few things are more annoying than getting several days into a project and deciding I don’t like the yarn. Spend a few extra bucks, get something super soft and you’ll enjoy working on the project that much more while you listen to Aunt Bee rattle on. Scrumptious yarn and beautiful tools to work with make the time fly by.
  • Invest in a nice bag to travel with your project. Mine at the moment is a gift bag revisited. Your bag should, minimally, hold the project in process, along with the needles it’s on, an extra ball of yarn, little tools (see next tip), and hand lotion. I have a couple on a wish list here and here. Having everything handy and organized will ensure you’re not stuck with a project you can’t work on.
  • Find little gadgets to help organize your small knitting tools – stitch markers and row counters, measuring tape, etc. These Crafty Critters from KnitPicks are pretty cute.

Good luck with all your family gatherings this holiday season! I’m sure I’ll have some new FOs to share by January 1.

Photo by Jim Frazier via Flickr

One thought on “Knitting Will Save My Sanity

  1. domesticshorthair

    Oh, I sooo hear you about family gatherings! I always set my sight on January 2nd—the end of most family holiday gatherings.

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