Do You Knit Alone?

Most of the time I do. I hang out on my couch and watch TV while I work away on my latest project. But as often as possible, I knit with my best friend. We plan a night to have dinner, put a movie on for the kids and gossip while we stitch away.

We started knitting at the same time. She has surpassed me in her knitting skills. I just don’t have the attention to detail that she does. I’m on my second scarf (pictured) and she’s knitted hats, several scarves and is even doing something with cables. CABLES!

duckie scarf

Knitting together, rather with close friends or as part of a knitting group can help you hone your skills and give you new ideas for projects. But most of all, it’s fun. Not sure where the local knitters get together? Call your local yarn store or check Ravelry.


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