Holiday Project Round-Up

As the world’s slowest knitter, I should’ve started my Holiday gift projects last summer, but I get the impression that there is still time for those who knit at an average pace to get some gifts made and make loved and well-liked ones happy (and warm). Some of my favorite projects from around the Yarniverse:

Alpaca Mini Socks Pattern from Classic Elite Yarns – pattern for these adorable little socks is free. Make a bunch and create a nontraditional advent calendar.


Pretty in Pink: Knit a Playful Pink Ribbon Hat – granted, this post and project idea was designed for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but each of my sisters would love something like this.


Glass Flip-Flop Crochet Pattern – I was just at WineStyles this week and saw some wine glass flip flops that I thought were pretty cute… not quite as cute as handmade, though. These are adorable and come via The Crochet Dude.


Puff Daddy is in the House – I would love this! It looks easy and quick and tons of fun. You can get the info and the pattern via Mason Dixon Knitting.


Image via Twisted Knitter

Delores Park Cowl – A one-skein project that knits up quickly and I can imagine it in a variety of colors for mom, best friend, office mate… who knows! I might have to try this one.


Image from Megan Young via Flickr
Image from Megan Young via Flickr

Right now, I’m leaning toward creating little “bath kits” with a knitted (or crocheted if I can get my act together on that) washcloth with a bar of homemade soap (not by me, but from my local crafter’s market) in a pretty bag of some sort. There are tons of patterns for washcloths and dishcloths on the internets.

I like the Bernat pattern for knitting.


And finally, humorous look at “knitter’s calculus” from Mary Mooney at K2TOG.

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