Around the Yarniverse: Links of Interest for Knitting and Crocheting Fanatics

It’s officially the end of summer, which means that it’s time to start those holiday projects, right? Well, if you need some inspiration, these posts tickled my fancy this week and thought you’d enjoy them, too.

K2TOG, A Knitting Blog (The Oregonian): Color Me Blue: This is a fun post about the fear of color that parents seem to instill in young boys and can be vexxing for the knitter who wants to create something colorful. What to do?

I have friends whose young son lives in an olive-green nursery with black furniture, spurring me to grudgingly knit a black layette and deal with well-meaning-but-horrified questions from fellow knitters and inquisitive fellow TriMet riders. (“Yes, it’s a black baby blanket. No, they’re not satanists — they’re hipsters.”) And I have a friend who doesn’t let her school-age son wear any shade not seen on a black-and-white TV.

The Lumpy Sweater: How Knitters Will Save the World: You may have seen the recent Time article that Google is making us dumber? Well, according to The Lumpy Sweater, because knitting (and crocheting and many of the fiber arts) take so much concentration and focus, it has the potential to create (or recreate) the ability to think deeply and thoughtfully. This quote, actually from the Cast On podcast sums it up:

“Knitters, when you bring them into knitting, there is something that rises through the knitting that is…it’s like a deep hum or a deep rhythm, something primal and simple and peaceful…*”

Knit or Crochet a Scarf for Special Olympians: For the 2009 Winter Olympics, Coats and Clark and its Red Heart Super Saver yarns are sponsoring a project to provide each Olympian with a handmade scarf. You can read more about the project here. Want to participate? Here are some patterns for your Special Olympics scarf: How to Cut Rags for Knitting: I’ve not knitted on anything larger than a #13, but I might have to try this. I love the bath mat!

Crochet from CraftGossip: Holding Your Crochet Hooks in Style: Some creative ways to corral your crochet hooks.

One thought on “Around the Yarniverse: Links of Interest for Knitting and Crocheting Fanatics

  1. Hi!!

    I’ve ended up here looking for the source of the international yarn bombing day logo, which is the image of the knitted globe you have on this post plus the text “International Yarn bombing day” on top of it.
    Is that image of the globe yours? Would you mind if I post it on my blog (the one linked on this comment)? If it’s not… any clue about the author or where you found it?

    Thanks in advance 🙂


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