This Knitting Thing is Harder Than it Looks

Beth at The Knit Shop was a terrific teacher. When I sat and concentrated on what I was doing and had her there to fix my oopses, things went great!

The first day, I worked on a basketweave scarf sort of like this one. Knit 5, purl 5, knit 5, purl 5, etc. etc. It was looking pretty good. I left feeling pretty confident that this was something I could do and be good at. Then I tried it at home.

The first stitch I tried to do, I immediately screwed up all of the rows I had worked so diligently on with Beth. So I tore it out and started over. And then again. And again. And again. I was determined to finish on a good note and knitted several rows that I felt ok about and called it a night.

The next morning, my 2 year old brought be one of my knitting needles. “Here, mommy!”

“Oh god. Where’s the other one?”

He had taken it out of the scarf-in-progress and stuck it through the fabric. Well, I guess he thought he was knitting.

By then I was sick to death of starting over and over with the same darn yarn. So I went back to The Knit Shop and said that I needed to do something “fun.” Beth laughed and told me to look around, pick some yarns out let me know if they’d work for such a beginner as me. I ended up with Chinchilla yarn in Violet. Other than the fact that I keep adding stitches to the point that I have almost double what I started with after just 15 or so rows… it seems to be going ok. Pretty sure I’ll start over again. I’m such a perfectionist.

Purple Chinchilla Yarn on Size 10 Needles
Purple Chinchilla Yarn on Size 10 Needles

I also got some bigger needles. The Laurel Hill size 15 are substantial needles, there’s no getting around it. I went back to the first yarn for a bit and came up with this sloppy mess.

Finally, I started working on a different yarn – Lion Brand Homespun in Baroque with the big needles. I probably should’ve gone back to The Knit Shop to find “big needle” yarn, but it’s about a 30 minute drive and with gas prices these days… thought I’d pick something up at a department store to try it out.

This is the first go and I think I’m going to take it out and start over, but we’ll see.

I like experimenting with different yarns to see what the effect is. Eventually, I’m sure, I’ll start knitting like a grown up and will actually finish something that’s relatively free of slipped stitches and added stitches – my two biggest weaknesses as I see them right now.

My best friend also learned to knit about the same time I did. She’s finished her first scarf… show off. But at least she’s having the same problems that I am. That makes me feel better.

Any advice?


2 thoughts on “This Knitting Thing is Harder Than it Looks

  1. Oh my, bless his little heart for “helping”. I’m not a super experienced knitter and am very slow in learning/trying new stitches, but I’m getting there. Today the doorbell rang while I was gingerly knitting a lace scarf and I jumped about 10 feet. When I did, I accidentally yanked the needle out of what I’d accomplished thus far. It was horrid trying to get the needle back in the tiny loops (the yarn I’m using is as delicate as a spider web). Anyway, the point is that it can be frustrating but when it somehow clicks, then we get a wonderful sense of satisfaction in our handiwork.

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