Show some of your Fourth of July spirit by making your very own American flag afghan to bring to your local 4th of July celebration, whether it is for a local parade, picnic, or just to sit on to watch the fireworks. Directions to create your own American flag blanket are attached on the Thriftyfun website!stars_and_stripes_afghan_s

I was searching for a cute knitting pattern online when I came across Lexalex’s blog post. She wrote an awesome blog post giving people tips on what to do with their yarn scraps. I think a lot of you might find some of her ideas really cute and helpful since she really knows how to utilize all her yarn! Below are just a couple pictures of some of the creations she has come up with using her yarn scraps. Pretty awesome stuff!IMG_5094


Well the sun is finally out again and flowers have once again started to bloom. Here is a cute sunflower crochet pattern that might bring a little sunshine to your day. This adorable pattern can be found on Coats Crafts.pj_crochetsunflower_200x280

Earth Day is coming up and there is no better way to celebrate it then crocheting your own globe using plastic bags! Artist Julie Kornblum created this fun activity. Check out Recyclart to see other awesome crafts you can create in celebration of Earth day!


Who needs corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day when you can learn how to make your own crochet shamrock! Check out Emma Wilkinson’s blog, How to Crochet a Heart, to see how to create your own four leaf clover in time for the holiday.IMG_8224

Start off your spring right by creating something fun and spunky to have around your house during this wonderful season. Check out Little Birdie Secrets blog and learn how to create your own flowers to have just in time for spring!

With the holiday coming up I found a fun craft to decorate your home and add a little spunk to it! On the Katydid and Kid website there are directions to make your very own set of knitted hearts. Enjoy.

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